Let’s Understand Those Bisexual Couples

The term of bisexuality isn’t something new for us. As for reminder, being gay or lesbian isn’t the same as being bisexual. Gay people mostly are attracted only to others who have the same sex. The normal people, on the other hand, have the bond in a relationship only with those who have the opposite sex. What about bisexual couples? Some people don’t belong either to normal or gay categories. It’s because they have the similar emotional attractions for both genders. Some of us also call these people as omnisexual and ambisexual. They are human too so we need to treat them equally. Let’s learn more about bisexual here.

The Sexual Preferences Scale

There’s a scale to determine people’s sexual orientation. This means we can inspect our sexual preferences in a better way by using it. The name is Kinsley scale. It ranges from 0-6, actually. Heterosexual people belong to the scale zero. Both lesbian and gay people are at scale six. Then the rest between scales 1-5 is bisexual. If we are on the scale 1 or 2, we are heterosexual but we have a few feelings to the same gender. Those who belong to the scale 3 are people who have the same attraction to women and men. People who are in scale 4 and 5 aren’t necessarily lesbian or gay. They are also attracted to the other gender as well.

Most of the bisexual couples don’t admit that they have the problem with sexual preferences. However, they are attracted to both genders and have an intimate relationship with them. This means they are bisexual, indeed. Most bi couples keep their status secret. It can be said bisexual people are invisible. We cannot detect whether or not a person is a bisexual. These days, there are some communities in our society. LGBT communities accept bisexual people in order to facilitate their rights. However, a problem arises as bisexuals are alienated by gay and straight people. This is why they prefer to make an independent community on the society.

Dealing With Problems of Bisexual Couples

Here’s the fact. Bisexual people often feel that they are alienated in both gay and straight communities. Moreover, they can’t fit in any circumstances. This is the prime reason why they feel confused and frustrated. Some studies have shown that they have the problem of social isolation. The worst cases are that they may suffer from physical violence and harassment. Lesbians usually distrust bisexual people. This is due to the fear that bi people will sleep with a man, which is the enemy for Lesbians.

Even though there are many problems encountered by bisexual couples, those don’t stop these people from expressing their feeling and sexual preference to the others. These days, they often take advantage of online dating sites to find the most suitable person to date with. This can prevent embarrassment when looking for a bisexual date. Not to mention there are many options for potential dates available on the internet. This is the perfect solution to deal with problems of being a bisexual person, after all.